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Paydayonlinemoney.com - They are called loans, microloans, payday loans, microcredits. Payday loans are short term loans, through which you can quickly borrow money. A microloan is a loan granted to a borrower on terms and conditions stipulated in the loan agreement. Only legal entities included in the state register of microfinance organizations can issue microloans. Thus, a microloan is a small loan provided for a short period of time. The amount of such loans, as a rule, does not exceed 3000 dollars. Borrowers use microcredits to pay for goods and services. Since the microloan has a small size, small financial institutions set and short terms of lending. It is claimed literally in all countries, including America. Payday loans are popular all over the world. Their popularity is distributed evenly between small companies and individuals. The main advantages of microloans are: high speed of execution of the required documentation; no need to collect various documents; accessibility for recipients, payday loans can be taken all segments of the population.